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Web Evangelism information and ideas:





Hello, I'm Scott Reese, (not my virtual assistant Lisa), I am an Internet Minister and Urban Missionary.

Thank you for visiting http://webevangelism.net

The following websites will give you detailed information on Web Evangelism:


1. http://internetministry.info

Web Evangelism Guide - Internet Evangelism info. at http://internetministery.info

http://internetministry.info gives an overview of Internet Ministry i.e. Internet Evangelism. It contains Tony Whitaker's web-evangelism guide which has a multitude of links and exhaustive information about Internet Ministry. "Internetministry.info" is a great starting place for those who want to better understand the concepts of  Internet Ministry, also called "online ministry", "eministry", or "web ministry", or "digital outreach."

* Remember, I'm here for YOU! I am happy to help, and answer any questions you may have:



2. http://blogministry.org

Blog Evangelism at http://internetminister.org

http://blogministry.org trains you how you can use blogs and blogging for evangelism. Opportunities are available to join a christian blog team for the purpose of sharing you faith. YOU CAN DO THIS - it's easy, and as a part of a team you'll have support and encouragement. No "computer knowledge is needed", just a willing heart.


3. http://bridgesites.org

bridge sites - web evangelism

http://bridgesites.org explains the Bridge Strategy of how to find common ground with those who don't know the Lord. Shared interests, passions, hobbies, life experiences are all bridges that allow you to enter into their world. These bridges allow you to develop genuine relationships. You can join an Internet Evangelism team (Christian Community Group) of likeminded Christians who share your same interests for the purpose of developing as a team quality "Bridge sites". New friends, another avenue to enjoy your interests, and opportunities to share your faith... Wow, what more could you ask for...


Join a team now! Internet Evangelism Teams


4. http://


An innovative and strategic plan to support International Missions through empowering native missionaries and the development of foriegn ministry websites.


5. http://internetminister.org

internetminister.org - empowering you to share your faith through web evangelism


6. Web Evangelism Links

There are many other helpful Web Evangelism Links.

******* I will be adding this information soon*******

a.) http://internetevangelismday.info

Information and free resources for Internet Evangelsm Day.

b) http://christcares.org

internetminister.org is a division of Reconciliation Resource Ministries, a 501c3 Christian non-profit organization. Information on this ministry and how to make a financial donation is found HERE.

c) http://FishBlog.org

"Adventures of a Web Evangelist"

Web Evangelist Scott Reese shares his vision at www.webevangelist.blogspot.com

Is where Scott Reese shares his ideas, vision, and passion for Web Evangelism - your comments and imput are very important.

: www.webevangelist.blogspot.org.


"web evangelism": "Internet Evangelism", "Internet Ministry", Web Evangelism, Bridge Sites, Blog Ministry, witness, Christian missions,are search terms to help people find this page.

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