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Internet Evangelism Day

Internet Evangelism Day-

Many recognized Internet Evangelism Day on

April 27, 2008 but you can choose another day for this important event!

Internet Evangelism Day is sponsored by the Internet Evangelism Coalition for the purpose of helping Christians understand the strategic importance of Internet Evangelism.

We have free bulletin inserts available for your church for Internet Evangelism Day.

We also hope you can promote our websites on Internet Evangelism Day as a way to provide practical opportunities for your members to share their faith online:


Internet Minister Scott Reese's Home Page on Internet Ministry


Empowers YOU to share your faith through Internet Evangelism. Internet Evangelism Strategies are presented along with PRACTICAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR INVOLVEMENT.

* Internetminister.org provides links to our other sites:



Links and information on Internet Evangelism


Christian Evangelistic  Bridge Strategy  Websites - http://bridgesites.org

http://bridgesites.org explains the Bridge Strategy of how to find common ground with the lost and therefore a bridge to develop a relationship and share the gospel. Your interests, experiences, passions, hobbies, etc. can all be used to connect with the lost and develop sincere friendships and witnessing opportunities.  Training is provided and you can join a team of likeminded Christians who share your same interests for the purpose of sharing Jesus, having fun with your interests/hobbies, and developing Christian friendships / Community.


Join an Internet Evangelism Team - http://christiancommunitygroups.org


Christian blog ministry, Blog evangelism...www.blogministry.org

http://blogministry.info trains you how you can use blogs and blogging for evangelism. Opportunities are available to join a christian blog team for the purpose of sharing you faith. YOU CAN DO THIS - it's easy and as a part of a team you'll have support and encouragement. No "computer knowledge is needed", just a willing heart.


Web Evangelism Guide, Internet Evangelism is explained at http://internetminister.info

http://internetministry.info gives an overview of Internet Ministry i.e. Internet Evangelism. It also contains Tony Whitaker's web-evangelism guide which has a multitude of links and exhaustive information about Internet Ministry. "Internetministry.info" is a great starting place for those who want to better understand the concepts of  Internet Ministry, also called "online ministry", "eministry", or "web ministry", or "digital outreach."

"Adventures of a Web Evangelist" is found at:


This site contains many interesting thoughts on Web Evangeism. Written by Scott Reese, it also includes a post on an "International Mission Strategy" which is a MUST READ for all mission committees.

* Feel free to use any of our banners or text links on your church website.

Email me for questions or to make arrangements for us to provide you with free materials for Internet Evangelism Day.



Internet Evangelism Day

I.E. Day is sponsored by the Internet Evangelism Coalition which includes organizations like the American Tract Society, Billy Graham Center, Evangelism Explosion, Moody Bible Institute, Campus Crusade for Christ, Focus on the Family, NRB, Promise Keepers, Willow Creek Association,Trans World Radio,The American Bible Society,Gospel Communications Network,Mission America Coalition, and many other evangelical organizations that strongly believe in the importance of Christians to get involved in Internet Evangelism.

Tony Whittaker is the co-ordinator of Internet Evangelism Day.

The official website for Internet Evavgelism Day has more detailed information and is found at:



Internet Evangelism Articles:



MP3 sound - 1 minute overview of Internet Evangelism Day you can use at your church

You may also freely use these MP3s in radio broadcasting, podcasts, church announcement spots, or any public situation.

1-minute MP3: 1-minute introduction spot
copy code:
1-minute introduction spot

* More information on Internet Evangelism Day can be found at the official Internet Evangelism Website:



Witessing websites to link to:

Permission granted to use banners and links.

How to be a Christian, information at http://howtobeachristian.org


Questions and answers about God.



Learn about Web Evangelism at http://webevangelism.net



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