NEWS FLASH!!! ........................ For 50 years it has been a crime to share the Gospel to the one billion precious souls of China.

Now for a short time the Chinese Government will allow Christians to proclaim the GOOD NEWS through Advertising Billboards along China's busiest streets. The cost for these billboards is amazingly low. The Church must rise up and take advantage of this opportunity! Imagine how many souls could hear the gospel if every church would invest $100 a month purchasing these Witnessing Billboards!

If this was true:

1. Churches and Mission Committees would not only be investing $100 a month, they would raise untold thousands to take advantage of the opportunity to get a clear gospel witness to the masses who never heard.

2. This opportunity does exist through Internet Evangelism! Sites can be developed that will receive traffic from those who have not had a clear Gospel Presentation in their entire life. Links and information for those interested in Christianity could be provided. The Bridge Site Strategy of Internet Evangelism shares ways of getting the gospel out to the masses by providing information people are looking for. This is important and strategic because one can have a nice website but if noone visits it, it's of no value. I believe effectively developing this Bridge Strategy and providing easy ways for Christians to get involved will be an important niche for our ministry. Please see and the article on Chinese Websites at . This is similar to Paul sharing the gospel in the Marketplace of Athens (Paul and Myspace) or a missionary passing out tracts in a strategic area. describes the Web Ministry Process in the following steps: 1) Traffice comes to the website. 2) Visitor reads articles that share the gospel. 3) Engages with community through chat or mentoring. 4) Makes a decision, followup, and joins the ministry team.

3. Internet Evangelsim is far superior than Billboards or even broadcasting methods of sharing the gospel! Internet Evangelism provides two-way interaction! In the privacy of one's home specific questions can be answered, specific needs can be addressed and prayed for.

I'm still looking for a church to get excited about sharing the Gospel through Internet Evangelism. Please pray that God will give me wisdom on how to share my burden for Internet Evangelism, and where to share my burden for Web Evangelsim.

"The harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few." Let's pray to the Lord of the Harvest, that He will send laborers into His Harvest field.

Scott Reese, Web Evangelist & Urban Missionary.

ps - I am aware that there are some Internet restrictions/challenges in China, yet I believe a great gospel witness could go forth... The larger point I am trying to make is that Internet Evangelism is an exciting, innovative and inexpensive way to help get the GOOD NEWS to the masses of the world that have not had a clear gospel witness.

Internet Minister - Scott Reese

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