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Bridge Sites .org

Bridge Site Strategy Explained...

We also want to EMPOWER YOU to develop Evangelistic Bridge Sites.

bridge sites - web evangelism

We'll help you, and team you up with a group of Christians with the same interests, gifts, or passions...

Join a team now! Internet Evangelism Teams

The Internet Evangelism Bridge Sites that we need help developing are listed at the bottom of this page. If your area of interest is not listed, we would be honored to team up with you to develop a "Bridge Website" in that area.

Additional information on the various "Bridge Sites" we will be developing with your help is found at http://ChristianCommunityGroups.com.

If you have questions or would like to help, then please contact me:


or use the form below:


Are you willing to help? Questions? Suggestions?

What Bridge Sites would you like to see developed ?

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We are compiling a list of those interested in teaming up with us in various ways.

Please spread the news about http://BridgeSites.org & www.InternetMinister.org

"Empowering YOU to Share Your Faith

through Web Evangelism and Internet Ministry"


What is Bridge Strategy?

Consider the facts... The World-Wide-Web has grown to an astounding 1 billion users! Most of these 1 billion users are searching for spiritual answers, yet have not had a clear presentation of the GOOD NEWS. There are millions of "Christian" websites, yet the vast majority are designed for those who ARE ALREADY Christians. The vast multitudes who don't know God would have little reason to visit a Christian site designed for Christians. There is a great need for websites to be developed specifically for those who don't understand the Gospel.

Witnessing websites designed to connect with the lost fall into two broad categories:

1) Evangelistic websites designed for those who are seeking spiritual answers. www.internetminister.org is developing direct witnessing sites such as http://godinfo.info.

2) BRIDGE SITES. "Bridge Sites" are websites designed around specific interests of people. Nearly 1 billion people use search engines to surf the net. The Bridge Site Strategy starts by developing the high quality websites they are searching for.

The shared interests, hobbies, etc. of a "Bridge Site" offers an opportunity to relate, connect, or "Bridge" into their world, develop relationships, and of course share the GOOD NEWS. The Internet is fast becoming a major means of community building in our society.

Paul always sought common ground as he aggressively shared his faith - becoming "all things" to men. A great example of this is when he went to the marketplace in Athens for the purpose of sharing the gospel. Although they were complete strangers, he was able to "Bridge" into their world and effectively share his faith. Please read the article, "My Space & Paul."

YOU can use your God-given talents, life experiences, or passions to reach others. For me, the love of basketball has opened many ministry doors. Please read my article - THE SYNERGY OF COMBINED PASSIONS .

We can help you develop a bridge site around your hobby, favorite sports team, etc., by connecting you with like minded Christians who also desire to develop a bridge site around the same topic. We all have limited time and no one is an expert in every skill needed to develop an effective website... By being part of a team you can play an important role in developing an effective "Bridge Site" even if you don't have any computer/Internet skills. By being a part of our network of Bridge Sites, you won't be alone out there in cyber space. We will help recruit volunteers, provide free technical support and publicity. It is our goal to be the place of destination for any Christian who desires to develop a "Bridge Site".

We need volunteers to help develop the sites we listed and also the new sites that YOU suggest.... We soon will be listing specific ways you can help- and our "SIGN UP" INTERNET EVANGELSIM TEAMS website will be "live" by mid-May.

For now we are creating a list of those who are interested in helping in some capacity - please use the provided email form. We would also appreciate your prayers that God will meet our financial needs for these efforts.

One of the key ways to develop an effective Bridge Site is to include a fascinating and up to date BLOG on a particular subject. (Information on what a "blog" is found at: http://blogministry.org.) This is another way that you can help - by joining a Bridge Site Blog Team. Working as a team can be a lot easier and more effective than doing one by yourself. We would like to train you and team you up with some like-minded Christians. Most Christian blogs are geared for Christians - we want to have some geared to the general public to serve as "Bridge Sites". This can be fun because you will choose topics that fascinate you and that you enjoy. It is also fun to be a part of a team and to make friends with people who have the same interests and or spiritual passions.

Sharing your faith does not have to be a drudgery done only out of spiritual obligation - Sharing your faith can be exciting and fun - It can bring purpose to your life as we were created to fellowship with God and to do his will. Sharing our faith is the greatest cause in the world!

Many of us were blessed of God to grow up learning about God. Do you realize only a very small percentage of the world can say that? Christ said that "unto whom much is given, much is required." How can we keep the GOOD NEWS to ourselves? If we really could understand how good God has been to us - we'd be like Isaiah - we'd have a fire burning in our soul. We'd have a hard time keeping our mouth (or typing fingers) shut - Out of gratitude let's make Christ known to the uttermost parts or the world! "The woman at the well" had no theological training, just a grateful heart and a willingness to open up her mouth for the Lord.

Right now there is someone out there who needs the Lord. You can have the awesome privilege of being the one God uses to share the GOOD NEWS.

More information on CHRISTIAN BLOGGING IS FOUND AT: http://blogministry.org.

And please visit www.internetminister.org to learn more about Internet Evangelism.

I am grateful to Tony Whittaker for developing the web evangelism guide. I believe the Internet Evangelism Coalition and GospelCom.net also make this information possible. The following information is from the Web Evangelism Guide - it contains many helpful links.

Please email me (Scott Reese) webevangelist@gmail.com if you have any questions, suggestions, or if you are interested in helping in some way.




INFO AT: http://christiancommunitygroups.com

Internet Evaangelism Teams and Community Groups  at: http://christiancommunitygroups.org - Join a "Bridge Site" Team - a Christian Community Group - "Community with a purpose" see http://ChristianCommunityGroups.com for information.

bridge sites - web evangelism

Coming soon!

Some of the "Bridge Sites"

we will be creating with your help:

games and fun

Free English Lessons and an American Tutor!

Help Develop a Bridge Site.

Public Interest:

  • FreeEnglishLessons.org
  • FreeComputerLessons.org
  • FamilyWebTips.org
  • FamilyWorld.org
  • SearchAnswers.org
  • ThePlayground.org
  • GamingPortal.org
  • How2Cook.org / HowToCookBook.org
  • OrganicFoodandVitamins.com
  • MyGoldenYears.org
  • GoogleEarthBlog.org
  • MySpaceBlog.org
  • CatholicHistory.info
  • FamilyCams.org
  • FreeWebcast.org
  • HistoryTimeline.info
  • MovieInfo.info
  • MyHighSchool.org
  • OnlineEducationalCenter.com
  • PodSongs.com
  • PinCollection.org
  • PublicDomainBooks.org
  • PassionofChristMovie.org
  • ReligiousInformation.info
  • TeenRoom.org
  • TopFears.com
  • TruckShop.org
  • TVClassics.info
  • uspets.us
  • vltpictures.com
  • waitress.cc
  • CoffeeHouseChat.com
  • WatchVideo.org / WatchVideos.org

Sports: Evangelistic Sport Websites

  • 23Lebron23.com
  • 24Jeff.com
  • Amare32.com
  • AutoRacing.cc
  • CBulls.com
  • CCavs.com
  • CrashCams.com
  • Crosby87.org
  • Danica16.com
  • Dirk41.com
  • Dmavs.com
  • Earnhardt.info
  • FantasySportTips.com
  • FantasySportsTips.com
  • GolfWie.com
  • HRockets.com
  • JJ48.com
  • Kasey9.com
  • Kurt97.com
  • Michael23.com
  • NascarClips.com
  • Olympics.bz
  • OlympicStars.info
  • PaulaCreamer.org
  • PPenguins.com
  • PSuns.com
  • ReggieBush5.org
  • SportStars.org
  • VinceYoung10.org
  • Yao.cc
  • YaoFans.org
  • ShaunWhite.info
  • Ligety.org
  • JeremyBloom.info
  • OlympicHighlights.org

City Guides/Portals

  • InternetCityGuide.org

"Foreign" - Missions


  • BangaloreIndia.in
  • CalcuttaIndia.in
  • DelhiIn.in
  • HyderabadIndia.in
  • MumbaiIndia.in
  • FreeEnglishLessons.in
  • (FreeEnglishLessons.org)
  • ChineseFamily.cn
  • (ChineseFamily.info)
  • ChineseTeens.cn
  • (ChineseTeens.info)
  • fun.org.tw
  • ChineseSpaceProgram.com
  • SportStars.cn
  • YaoMingFanClub.cn
  • (YaoMingFanClub.info)
  • KoreanSportStars.com
  • Fun.jp.com
  • German.cc
  • EspanolNews.com
  • LatinoFamilia.com
  • LationGames.org
  • VivaLatino.org
  • Hola.bz
  • Hablaenglish.org
  • fun.org.il

Direct Witnessing sites:

  • Messiah.org.il
  • HowToBeaChristian.org
  • GodInfo.info
  • GoodNewsForIndia.in
  • 316.cc
  • John316Blog.org
  • GodLovesYou.cn
  • Latinoiglesia.org
  • TheRealTruth.info
  • ByChance.info
  • FinalCountdown.info


Questions and answers about God.

Information on how to become a christian is at: httP://howtobeachristian.org



More information on Internet Evangelism is available at our other sites:


Blog Ministry - info at http://blogministry.org


Information about Christian Internet Ministry is at: http://internetministry.info



"Adventures of a Web Evangelist"



Learn about evangelistic bridge websites at www.internetminister.org

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