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Blog Ministry i.e.

........Blog Evangelism


Writing a Blog is a fun and easier than you realize, especially if you are part of a team.

We want to EMPOWER YOU to be a part of one of our Internet Evangelism Blog Teams.


Christian blog ministry, Blog evangelism...www.blogministry.org


You can do this! - we'll help you and team you up with a group of Christians with the same interests, gifts, or passions...

Blog Team information is available at:


Internet Evaangelism Teams and Community Groups  at: http://christiancommunitygroups.org

and, http://bridgesites.org

bridge sites - web evangelism

Contact me if you are interested in helping or if you have any questions:


I would also like to thank Tony Whittaker, the Internet Evangelism Coalition, and GospelCom.net for making this material available.

Blog Ministry:


Internet Evaangelism Teams and Community Groups  at: http://christiancommunitygroups.org

bridge sites - web evangelism

Coming soon!

Some of the "Blog Bridge Sites"

we will be creating with your help:

games and fun

Free English Lessons and an American Tutor!

Help Develop a Bridge Site.

Public Interest:

  • FreeEnglishLessons.org
  • FreeComputerLessons.org
  • FamilyWebTips.org
  • FamilyWorld.org
  • SearchAnswers.org
  • ThePlayground.org
  • GamingPortal.org
  • How2Cook.org / HowToCookBook.org
  • OrganicFoodandVitamins.com
  • MyGoldenYears.org
  • GoogleEarthBlog.org
  • MySpaceBlog.org
  • CatholicHistory.info
  • FamilyCams.org
  • FreeWebcast.org
  • HistoryTimeline.info
  • MovieInfo.info
  • MyHighSchool.org
  • OnlineEducationalCenter.com
  • PodSongs.com
  • PinCollection.org
  • PublicDomainBooks.org
  • PassionofChristMovie.org
  • ReligiousInformation.info
  • TeenRoom.org
  • TopFears.com
  • TruckShop.org
  • TVClassics.info
  • uspets.us
  • vltpictures.com
  • waitress.cc
  • CoffeeHouseChat.com
  • WatchVideo.org / WatchVideos.org

Sports: Evangelistic Sport Websites

  • 23Lebron23.com
  • 24Jeff.com
  • Amare32.com
  • AutoRacing.cc
  • CBulls.com
  • CCavs.com
  • CrashCams.com
  • Crosby87.org
  • Danica16.com
  • Dirk41.com
  • Dmavs.com
  • Earnhardt.info
  • FantasySportTips.com
  • FantasySportsTips.com
  • GolfWie.com
  • HRockets.com
  • JJ48.com
  • Kasey9.com
  • Kurt97.com
  • Michael23.com
  • NascarClips.com
  • Olympics.bz
  • OlympicStars.info
  • PaulaCreamer.org
  • PPenguins.com
  • PSuns.com
  • ReggieBush5.org
  • SportStars.org
  • VinceYoung10.org
  • Yao.cc
  • YaoFans.org
  • ShaunWhite.info
  • Ligety.org
  • JeremyBloom.info
  • OlympicHighlights.org

City Guides/Portals

  • InternetCityGuide.org

"Foreign" - Missions


  • BangaloreIndia.in
  • CalcuttaIndia.in
  • DelhiIn.in
  • HyderabadIndia.in
  • MumbaiIndia.in
  • FreeEnglishLessons.in
  • (FreeEnglishLessons.org)
  • ChineseFamily.cn
  • (ChineseFamily.info)
  • ChineseTeens.cn
  • (ChineseTeens.info)
  • fun.org.tw
  • ChineseSpaceProgram.com
  • SportStars.cn
  • YaoMingFanClub.cn
  • (YaoMingFanClub.info)
  • KoreanSportStars.com
  • Fun.jp.com
  • German.cc
  • EspanolNews.com
  • LatinoFamilia.com
  • LationGames.org
  • VivaLatino.org
  • Hola.bz
  • Hablaenglish.org
  • fun.org.il

Direct Witnessing sites:

  • Messiah.org.il
  • HowToBeaChristian.org
  • GodInfo.info
  • GoodNewsForIndia.in
  • 316.cc
  • John316Blog.org
  • GodLovesYou.cn
  • Latinoiglesia.org
  • TheRealTruth.info
  • ByChance.info
  • FinalCountdown.info


Questions and answers about God.

Information on how to become a christian is at: httP://howtobeachristian.org


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